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Expert leadership, unbiased consulting

matt brown waterloo data

Matt Brown, Founder of Waterloo Data

Our clients usually share a common story

They are on a mission to deliver better reporting, analytics, and decision making within their organization. In most cases, they are frustrated with the data silos in their organization and they struggle to quickly produce the data and numbers they need for financial reconciliations like month end close, key performance indicators like customer churn, customer life time value, patient encounter data, and board/investor level metrics.

We help organizations urgently scale and develop new capabilities

In most cases, our clients have basic processes and tools in place but are struggling to meet the demands of the business and urgently need to scale or develop new capabilities. We have helped everyone from leading-edge SaaS software companies, fintech organizations, media organizations, hospitals and healthcare organizations, energy companies, as well as REITs.

does this sound like you?

We need a consulting partner to help us deliver data warehouse, BI, and AI features...

Waterloo Data is exclusively focused on delivering data warehouse, BI, and data science solutions. We work with all the major vendors and platforms and have delivered over $100M in successful projects.

We are starting a new analytics initiative and need to develop a data strategy and roadmap...

Waterloo Data is vendor agnostic and does not have any reselling relationships with any vendors in the data management space. We provide unbiased consulting advice to help you select the best tools for your needs.

Our existing reporting solution just isn't keeping up with the needs of our business...

Whether you are struggling to close your books in a timely fashion, or are unable to get the full picture of your organization due to existing data silos, Waterloo Data can help you modernize your existing solution to meet the needs of the business.
peter lenton thomas learning

“Waterloo Data acted as an extension to our Product Development organization and helped us meet several critical deadlines as we shipped product out to our customers. The depth of experience that these guys brought to the table and the agility with which they operated was instrumental in our success.”

Peter LentonDirector Product Development, Thomson Learning

At Waterloo Data

We create expert solutions for Master Data Management, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Real-Time Data Streaming, Outsourced Product Development, and Hyperscale Cloud infrastructure. We do not have any reselling partnerships and work with all the major vendors within this space.
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Waterloo Data helps organizations solve their most complex data management, cloud infrastructure, and outsourced product development challenges. Our team has worked together for over a decade delivering meaningful digital transformation that has helped our clients bring order to chaos, unlock new revenue streams, and uncover previously hidden opportunities in their data.

Our Core Values Are:

iased towards action
// We don’t let perfect be the enemy of good
stablishing the benchmark
// We set the standard for what our clients can expect from their partners
ssuming positive intent
// We assume positive intent in our interactions
ucceeding together
// We respect one another and recognize that as a team we are unstoppable
reating clients as we like to be treated
// We strive to build lasting relationships yielding ongoing mutual benefit

We strive to bring the #BEAST to all of our engagements.

Some of our current crop of BEASTS include:

Matt Brown


Experience:20+ Years in the field

Superpowers: Developing and nurturing long term relationships; finding the narrative; building teams

Location: Austin, TX

Luke Stamm


Experience: 20+ Years in the field

Superpowers: Hyperscale software and hardware design; systems/network administration; cloud native technologies; blockchain development; GPU accelerated ETL pipelines

Location: Austin, TX

Jaime Heinze


Experience: 30+ Years in the field

Superpowers: Empathy - for customers, for sales teams and for my company - gleaned from decades in sales, product management and marketing leadership

Location: Austin, TX

Enrique Rodriguez

Practice Director

Experience: 20+ Years in the field

Superpowers: Enterprise data warehouse design and development; dimensional modeling; SQL Server Enterprise; Cognos

Location: Austin, TX

Ian Stock

Practice Director

Experience: 20+ Years in the field

Superpowers: MBA in Finance combined with deep technical skills in Azure; Snowflake; FiveTran; Looker; PowerBI; Tableau; and no-code application integration frameworks

Location: Austin, TX

John Kalogirou

Business Intelligence Architect

Experience: 30+ Years in the field

Superpowers: Delivering value and results to clients through leadership and technology solutions. Widely regarded in the industry as an expert in Master Data Management and Data Warehousing implementations

Location: Austin, TX

Chris Mathias

Alpha Geek

Experience: 20+ Years in the field

Superpowers: High performance application and system architecture, design, and development; AR/VR development; QA automation; CI/CD pipeline development; Engineering Management; and Product Management

Location: Austin, TX

Chris Harper

Senior Consultant

Experience: 20+ Years in the field

Superpowers: Quickly learning and mastering new technologies and frameworks; rebuilding surplus military vehicles; metalworking

Location: Austin, TX

Christopher Vernino


Experience: 5+ Years in the field

Superpowers: Full stack development; a chameleonic quality when it comes to integrating into new project teams and client industries; definitely a glass half full kinda person

Location: Austin, TX

Rachel Smith

Marketing Manager

Experience: 5+ Years in the field

Superpowers: Bringing order to chaos; storytelling; spotlighting and bringing a voice to all the incredible things that we do on behalf of our clients

Location: Austin, TX