Dramatically lower the barrier to entry for high performance computing.

Waterloo Data has released a simple but elegant solution for dramatically lowering the barrier to entry for high performance computing. This solution bundles Docker, CUDA, Nvidia Container Toolkit, Kubernetes, and Kubeflow into a ready-to-run Linux distribution. Packaged into a single disk image, our solution addresses the common pain points faced by teams when setting up AI/ML ops that are dependent on GPU acceleration.


Behind the scenes there are dozens of bleeding-edge AI/ML technologies and their versions are constantly changing, thus breaking interoperability. By packaging all of this up into a Linux distribution, our solution helps teams avoid common issues like ruining the CUDA/Nvidia driver install or failing to set-up the container runtime correctly. As many have learned, once all of this is set-up incorrectly, it becomes a support nightmare. Our solution ensures this is done correctly out of the box, allowing teams to focus on the actual work – not fiddling with tedious and frustrating configuration tasks. By distributing the whole OS, we crystalize all of the versions into one spot which prevents bit rot, and we all know the bits rot quickly in this particular area of computing.

AI/ML engineers, data scientists, KubeFlow users, and K8 teams the world over can rejoice in all the time and brain damage that will be spared with our approach. Request access to our private beta today.

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