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A recent survey from KPMG found that only 25% of real estate companies have an effective strategy for capturing and analyzing the right data sets for supporting corporate objectives.
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We have been working in the CRE space for over five years with large corporate clients and we are finding tremendous opportunities for data modernization in this space as our clients seek to:

  • Integrate their corporate data assets into a common data platform
  • Enrich their first party data with external data providers like ZoomInfo and CoStar
  • Create “golden records” for properties, leases, and tenants
  • Use AI and machine learning to create propensity models, predict and optimize lease-up velocity, maximize rent rolls, and mine valuable data from existing leases via lease abstraction
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““Waterloo provides expert leadership and guidance in the design and development of our Enterprise Data Warehouse. They have been very effective in working with our team and acting as a “force multiplier”. Partnering with them has allowed us to accomplish what would normally take years in the span of a few quarters.”

Jeff BarrettVP of Business Intelligence, American Campus Communities

Our clients in this space include major home builders, publicly traded REITs, and large commercial real estate firms.  We have delivered the following solutions in this space:

  • Data Strategies/Roadmaps
  • Data Lakes and Data Warehouses
  • Custom dashboards, reporting, and analytics in Tableau, Looker, PowerBI, and Python
  • Master Data Management Solutions
  • Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing for document abstraction
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