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Big data applications go far beyond the retroactive reporting the industry is used to and bring data management options and predictive capabilities that can benefit both care providers and patients to the table. By McKinsey’s estimate, the systematic application of big data analytics to the US healthcare system could reduce industry spending by $300-$450 billion annually.
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We understand that healthcare organizations have lagged behind other industries when it comes to cloud adoption and data modernization due to challenges such as privacy of health information, data security, siloed data, and budget constraints.

Undoubtedly, adopting cloud infrastructure and modernizing data management infrastructure is necessary to meet CMS and MIPS reporting requirements as well as helping transform provider networks within the industry, driving them away from a fee-for-service model toward value-based care. In short, it can deliver on the promise of lowering healthcare costs while revealing ways to deliver superior patient experiences, treatments, and outcomes.

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“The consultants from Waterloo Data delivered a reporting and data management solution that consolidates our encounter level data so we have a complete 360 degree view of our sub-grantees and their clinical and financial performance, and in doing so provides an easy way for us to do integrated reporting across our organization. Waterloo Data has set the standard for what we expect from our consulting vendors.”

Erica SolisDirector of Service Operations, Every Body Texas

Our experience in this space comes from ongoing projects with hospitals, post-acute providers, health insurance plans, community care organizations, and others. Some of the solutions we have developed include:

  • Physician performance management systems based on CMS Quality Measures which can be sliced and diced by risk adjusted APR/DRG codes
  • Patient encounter data warehouses that gracefully process dirty and incomplete data and provide a 360-degree view of a patient
  • Integration of claims data
  • CMS API integration, FHIR standards
  • HL7 support and transformation
  • Migrations from NextGen to Epic
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